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Your submission indicates that you would like to join the Optimist Club.

Every Optimist Club was formed by people who wanted to reach out to help youth and the community. People like you and me. Members of an Optimist Club usually live in or work in the community. Members have joined together to serve others and to promote Optimism as way of life.

Each Optimist Club is chartered as a Member of Optimist International. This gives the Club the right to use the Optimist name and provides each club with services and programs offered by Optimist International.

Each Optimist Club operates autonomously. This means they operate independently of each other. They choose their own activities, elect their own Officers and raise their own funds. A Club's service activities are based on the needs of the community. What a club can do is limited only by imagination and resources of the Members.

Optimist Clubs do share certain similarities. This offers you, the Member, the assurance of knowing wherever you are, should you wish to attend an Optimist Club's meeting, certain components will be the same.

The programs and guest speakers offer the Members an opportunity to learn, grow and improve themselves. The program features the youth in the community, as in the Essay and Oratorical Contests or in the Youth Appreciation Week. These meetings help to reinforce our commitment and allow us to take pride in our accomplishments.

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Our membership dues are $50.00 a quarter, $200.00 per year. There is also a one-time registration fee of $90.00 upon joining. We will send you a link so you can pay the registration fee online as soon as we approve your application. Thank you for applying to be part of the Oro Valley Optimist Club!